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Watch Styles

June 03, 2017 2 min read 1 Comment

Dress Watch

Modern, Minimalistic and Elegant is the easiest way to describe a good dress watch.

These are the watches which you wear mostly under your shirts and full suits while attending formal meetings or occasions. Dress watches are loved by everyone, especially bankers, doctors and brokers for their sheer simplicity and looks, they are powered either by quartz battery operated or by hand wound automatic movements.

There need not be complications on dress watches as their sole purpose is to show the accurate time and can come with or without date feature, higher complications include moon phase movements, chronograph functions and further can go to mechanical movements with skeleton dials.

Dress watches are a must, for watch collectors and even for all stylish gentlemen to make their statement.



Pilot Watch

Easy reading and precise time keeping are the most essential requirements of a Professional Pilot Watch. Originating in Early 1900’s these watches mainly grew popular in military use, replacing the traditional pocket watch which pilots found heavy and uncomfortable during long flights.

From simple large hands watch to modern complications with dual time zones, chronograph functions etc. these remain the most reliable tool watches for many veterans.

Aviation inspired watch cases, dials, hands, crowns, straps have led to many interesting concepts and stunning Pilot Watches. As we always say these are in true sense – FLYING MACHINES


Dive Watch

The most desired watches, the most well-built watches, the most rugged watches are Dive Watches.

To qualify for a Dive Watch category, the watch has to be at least 10 ATM Water Resistant that means the watch has to withstand 10 times the pressure at sea level without letting the water inside the watch.

Another important feature of a reliable dive watch is the time elapsed unidirectional rotatable bezel, which helps the deep sea divers to gauge the time they spent under water.

Diver’s prefer Hand Wound Automatic Movements over Quartz as there are chances that battery might power out and slow down the movement leading to hazardous events while diving.

Few pointers for a professional dive watch are 20 – 30 ATM Water Resistance, Bright Luminous Hands, Smooth Unidirectional Bezel, Reliable Movement and Easy grip crown.  

Dive Watches will always remain favorites among men for their performance and strong built to survive the harshest of conditions.

** Images used are for illustration purpose only and we do not represent or sell any other brands except for Audaz Watches

Horology is our passion, and we shall be sharing little gems of knowledge about the world of watches.

Thanks for reading this article, and feel free to get in touch anytime with us at info@audazwatches.com

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Boris Mathis
Boris Mathis

July 09, 2018

Undoubtedly, I like your blog…It is quite informative. The pilot or diver watches are looking so stylish. I also used to wear Pilot Watch. Because I am a Pilot. And, recently I purchased a new pilot watch from watchpartners.com.au at an affordable price. this timepiece has advanced and useful features along with the international warranty of 2 years.

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