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April 07, 2017 2 min read

Audaz Watches visited the biggest event in Watch Industry, The Basel world Exhibition and it was simply an incredible experience seeing all the amazing work at this show.
“Time has come to Stand Still” this is how you feel when you get an opportunity to feast your eyes out on the new creations from your favorite brands – Rolex, Hublot, Zenith, Patek and the list goes on.
One thing that strikes out immediately in Basel world is the magnitude of the show. Massive booths of exhibitors, Huge banners, Large displays of screens showing off the latest timepieces to get your attention and to sum it up all in one word, Basel world show is GRAND.
This year the buzz of industry was reinventing the Vintage models, Skeletonized Movements and High end Complete Sapphire Cases. Many of the renowned brands have revived their legendary designs this year, and what caught our fancy was Hublot’s Ferrari Edition and Bell & Ross Trilogy.  Vibrant Colors and Aesthetically intriguing movements, these timepieces grows on you every time you glance at it and makes you wonder, how on this earth can these watches be so good!
Although everyone was talking about how this year there were about 200 less exhibitors than last year, our trip was surely progressive, lots of ideas and inspirations to work on this year and we eagerly look forward to seeing new innovations in 2018
Basel show.
Meanwhile would like to share some memorable captures of this peaceful and beautiful city Basel.
** Images used are for illustration purpose only and we do not represent or sell any other brands except for Audaz Watches
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