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March 10, 2017 2 min read

Pilot Watches, also known as Flieger Watch is the category of watches that creates great enthusiasm in watch lovers and happens to be one of the most common type of tool watches.

Their definition is pretty simple: a reliable, precise and legible watch to be worn on the wrist.

In early 1900’s Louis Cartier designed the first Pilot Watch for his friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, a famed aviation pioneer from Brazil who wanted a solution to check his flight performance. Alberto became a celebrity aviator in that era, revolutionizing  the new concept of wearing wristwatch to check the flight performance, instead of carrying pocket watches.

Since then, Pilot Watches grew popular with field officers who switched from pocket watches to wristwatches, and towards the end of World War II these wristwatches became an essential tool for military personals.    

Modern Flieger Watches have evolved in terms of designs, aesthetics, complications from earlier days but still their dna remains in right sense – FLYING MACHINES

Let’s look at the key features of Pilot Watches

  • Bold, Luminous hands and indexes for Legibility
  • Easy Grip Crowns which makes it convenient to manipulate while wearing gloves
  • Date indicator
  • Chronograph function for time calculation
  • Dual or Multiple Time Zone indicator ( depending on the complications )

With all above, your Pilot watch must have great quality to last you for many years as a partner with whom you created a lifetime of special moments while travelling the world.

Few of our favorites Pilot Watches


Bell & Ross
Zenith Watch
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