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Here you will find the honest, hands on and in-depth reviews by Watch Authorities from around the globe.

Scuba Master Automatic - Video review by
First I’d like to comment how accurate the movement is – there must be an extra level of adjustment there to get it that accurate.
The case is excellent: very solid construction with close attention to detail with the helium escape valve, crown and bezel. ~
Scuba Master Dive Watch Lume Shot
Absolutely! This watch feels like it’s been built to survive a nuclear attack or a direct blow by a sledge-hammer (note: testing not recommended). It’s an honest-to-goodness diver with a capable and robust automatic movement, backed by a two year warranty, and sold at a great price. ~
 Scuba Master Dive Watch review by
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 Gallant Automatic - Video Review by
Flieger & Brillante - Video Review by Geekanoids 
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 "Audaz have done a good job in creating a well built, unique and affordable timepiece." - 
"The Audaz Gallant earns praise from the proud visibility of the internal Japanese movement front and back. Furthermore, this automatic Japanese movement keeps track of time reliably for it to be easily worn as a daily timepiece - and there’s no winding needed! We particularly appreciate the detail that exudes to create what we feel is a rugged sea image."  - 
" I personally like how this watch blends sophistication and sportiness at the same time. This, for me, makes this watch a highly versatile piece since you can wear it anywhere and anytime to complete any ensemble, and still look absolutely attractive." - 
"When the watch arrived, my enthusiasm grew, because it truly is a nice watch that will enter my rotation along with an Omega, Corum, etc." -

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